EHS for the Technologically
Advanced Workplace

Who We Are

The Wakefield Firm specializes in environmental, health and safety consulting services for highly automated and technologically advanced work environments found in today’s pharmaceutical, biotech, R&D, manufacturing and industrial operations. Our expertise focuses on occupational safety and environmental health concerns within industries that utilize the most state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions, advanced research techniques and complex chemical formulations and processes. This includes computerized processes and industrial and collaborative robotics.

Our Four Pillars of Commitment

Our professional experience and approach helps our clients maintain safe work environments through our FOUR PILLARS of COMMITMENT that guide our service offerings.

We are committed to:

Constant Discovery

Constant Discovery

Building and maintaining our comprehensive understanding of the unique hazards that automation, robotics, and complex chemical formulations can present to our clients’ employees that work with or near them.

Thorough Analysis

Thorough Analysis

Knowledgeably assess the risks and hazards associated with our clients’ workplaces and use the best methods and means appropriate for these environments.

Best Practices

Best Practices

Researching and applying the best practices for developing safety and health programs in support of the work our clients perform in these environments—within their facilities.

Training & Reinforcement

Training & Reinforcement

Effectively engaging our clients’ employees—from leadership to operations—through EHS training and reinforcement programs that create a safety culture based on “the why” safety in the workplace matters.

The Why

The Wakefield Team truly believes that the purpose of going to work is to sustain and maintain our lives. It offers us the ability to take care of the people we love and engage in the things we love. Work should not negatively alter the way we live, and accidents and injuries can do that. “The Why” means workers should get home to their loved ones in the same state that they left for work in the morning.

Wakefield’s services help employers create and maintain work environments that will not put their employees at risk and teaches employees the skills they need to make it home safely to the people who are most important to them.

Value Proposition Statement

At the Wakefield Firm, we offer our EHS services to owners / operators of highly automated and technologically advanced work environments such as pharmaceutical, biotech, R&D, manufacturing and industrial operations. We understand that our clients recognize the impact that non-compliance can have on their operations, especially its profitability, budget and reputation. These clients seek our services because they need highly trained, reliable, trustworthy, experienced, knowledgeable and cutting-edge professionals to manage their EHS compliance issues as if they themselves owned the company.

These clients entrust their operation’s EHS compliance needs to us because of our expertise, reputation, demonstrated success and solid track record.

But more importantly, because we are willing get to know them and their operation to fully understand the complexities of their operations in today’s technologically advanced work environments, and we are willing to find solutions that fit their needs and help them reduce their time commitment and cost of compliance. Through these relationships and partnerships, we help our clients meet profitability or budgetary goals, build sound safety cultures and protect their reputation.

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The Wakefield Firm helps employers address the hazards associated with highly automated and technologically advanced work environments.

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