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As the World Reopens: The #1 Way to Keep Employees & The Public Safe Is to Remove The Hazard

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends a Hierarchy of Controls when protecting employees from hazards.  The highest on the hierarchy—and the most effective—is the elimination of the hazard.  Completely removing COVID-19 from the workplace will be impossible.  However, removing most of it must be the goal of every organization in operation

Infectious Control for Highly Automated Workplaces

Infectious Control for Highly Automated Workplaces

Robotics and computer automation are now employed in nearly every industrial sector to do some of the most unsafe, repetitive, and unpleasant tasks.  The role of computer-automated equipment and robotics varies greatly by application and level of human collaboration, but while their use is to reduce specific risks to humans, there are potential hazards associated

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